I have been intending to re-solder my first and best hand made awl but it… evaporated into the aethers! So I was forced to make a new version. And this time I really packed the solder on so the needle wouldn’t de-couple. A lesson learned is my electric soldering iron is a real pain, clunky, messy, irritating and its enough to drive a solderer-gone-mad to buy a little gas pen torch!

Its good timing because I have to restock my depleted resources from the successful Guardino Gallery show and sew my arms off to be sufficiently stocked for the Lake Oswego Arts Festival… and get back to print making! Geez! Sewing is the finishing touch to this body of work so it must be done!

No matter how focused, I have yet to sew an entire Rhodie Matrix II in one day.  This print was completed early this morning during my coffee.   YEAH!  Third down and two more to sew and the entire edition will be complete.  But, I gotta confess I need to look at another print for a while.