Donna’s press up from the basement and back into use

Now that a gallery show, outdoor festival and a curatorial event is over, I am back in the studio!  Whew! (wiping the toil of love off the forehead).    This week, I had time to take Donna Guardino up on her offer to borrow her family etching press.  For those that are unaware, Donna is an accomplished intaglio master print maker until the oils, and solvents overwhelmed her health past the tipping point.  This etching press can fit my newer crappy hobbiest press on its bed so I am very excited to be printing larger!   Whew!   Printing larger can be scary as I feel more comfortable working on small format works.

This print has been fermenting in my head for several months and .. thanks to Donna’s etching press, I can make this piece a 4 plate reduction print the size I have been dreaming about!  I’ve been working out the colors with other pre-drawings and for this piece, the plates are 12″x16″ and my old press could only print 9″x12″.