Bob’s Decidious Azelia

Note to viewer:  This print has been printed and is now in the process to be sewn to a larger piece of paper.   Stay in tune!

This is the daring new Rhododendron  print that are the biggest linoleum plates I’ve ever printed, thanks to Donna’s etching press with the larger bed. As you can see, the flower is starting to emerge as of this last color red.  The first 4 yellow to red colors have been rolled.  Black is 5th and the next is dark green pull #6 etc..    Usually, to change gears from a red to green, I have to roll two greens to completely block out the color opposition.  This time, I am toying with rolling a black to totally bump the flower out.   Hmmm…  This print, when finished, will be four prints sewn together but also designed to fit together into a larger matrix.   Oooooh..   I would love to wall paper an entire accent wall with this giant pattern! (reproduction offset print to make wall paper accent wall of course)