Free Book Library exchange and then this! Art Exchange in our neighborhood!

I pinch myself every day that I live here in NE Portlandia!    This is the ump-thirtieth-ish or fortieth ish home I have lived, but the mere 9th state in my back pocket of life.  and…   I LOVE NE PORTLAND!   Everyday I walk my dog up and down these same streets I pinch myself!  Did I get plunked in a dreamland? When is the white rabbit gonna jump out from behind some random rose/rhodie bush gesticulating wildly about the time and I should follow them down that rabbit hole?   Dude, Portland IS the rabbit hole!  (the only frenetic humans in Portland are the Californians.. don’t hold that against me as my folks took me outta there in 1973)  And, this Ainsworth Art Exchange is something a regular normal Portland neighbor put in their yard is something we walk by on weekends and I have inserted work before and was bummed out that whoever took, did not replace.. as it is an “exchange”.   But I can understand that the taking of a book/art from the exchanges are sometimes something you don’t have on your body to replace!   You gotta have it!  Like NOW!


This print was a crappy proof to test if my spelling and image was accurate which the edition will debut in Guardino Gallery for the Day of the Dead show.   Might as well gift the proofs than use them to proof another print on the backside or scrap!! And as a printmaker, I take my notes backwards. (true and also punny)