Opening at First Congregational UCC across from Portland Art Museum

Bob’s Deciduous Azalea, which is four hand pulled linoleum reduction prints hand sewn to a single piece of paper, will be exhibited here:

First Congregational UCC
1126 SW Park Avenue, Portland, Oregon Gallery Hours 9am to 2pm Weekdays
10 am to 2 pm Sundays

Opening Friday Nov 3rd,  5-8pm

I have the honor of participating in a co-sponsored event  by Print Arts Northwest (PAN) and Atelier Meridian whom have graciously hosted the  Emerging Print makers show.   I highly recommend this lecture series made for hand pulled print makers.  It is definitely a resource of gold for emerging print artists in Portland…. and a final group show at the end to boot!    Special thanks to Jane Pagliarulo and Joseph Mann.   BTW, this is a very strong group show and highly recommend.