Gail is a hand pulled print artist specializing currently in hand pulled linoleum reduction relief prints.  Reduction print is a multi-color print in which the separate colors printed from the same block at different stages. Usually, the lightest color of the design is printed first, then the block is “reduced” by carving to the areas which the artist wants to print the second color from, and so forth. The disadvantage of reduction printing as opposed to printing from multiple blocks is that once the first color is printed, the matrix for it is destroyed in the creation of the printing matrix for the second color. It is impossible to undo mistakes.

Traditional craft, and items made directly by the human hand are precious treasures in a world drowning in a sea of mass-produced goods.  Linoleum print making melds my passion for wood carving, printmaking and oil based inks into one multi-medium that provides endless challenges.  I chose to focus my subject matter on local flora and fauna because it directly reflects the nature that surrounds us in Portland Oregon.  My designs are planned to fit together into a larger matrix, which is another element of my work as nature repeats and divides itself from which one comes many and the many become a larger body.  With each color, the carved image in my printing block is slowly destroyed as a sort of ‘suicide’ printmaking better known as ‘reduction printing’.  Each set of prints are 100% unique and will not be reproduced.  Prints are painstakingly stitched together to form a larger body as a practice of meditation, pattern design, creating a talisman and in the end, each piece becomes a high craft art object.

Etching Press 13″x26″

Baby Richeson Press

Made in Portland Fine Art Printer’s Ink
I may alter or build my own special tooling, but I can’t use anything other than Gamblin small batch printing ink.  I highly recommend taking a tour of the facility where they make these delicious colors in SE Portland.   They really are the best hand made printers ink on the planet!

Simple plywood press using strips of mat board glued in place to secure a large linoleum plate and maintain secure registration. Prints this size are hand burnished.